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Equal Internet Access Is a K-12 Must-Have

Part One


The ability to have high speed internet access at home is imperative for the success of students in grades K-12 and higher education as well. Most students use the internet as their primary source for school projects and homework. More than half of the schools are going to use e-textbooks as well in the near future. Children who live in rural areas or low income communities, and minorities, do not always have access to the internet which puts them at a big disadvantage. There is a lot of free teaching material on the internet that all students need to have access to. There needs to be more affordable internet services so that all students have access to all of the important resources that can be found online. We all need to get involved, (administrators, teachers, businesses) anyone who cares about the future of our education must take action. They need to call on the FCC, the Obama administration, and congressional leaders to support technology policies. The success of the student depends on internet access.

Part Two

Q1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I am definitely open to internet learning. I totally agree that all people should have an equal opportunity to learn from the internet. When teachers give assignments that utilize the internet all of the students should have the same resources at school and at home to be able to finish their work. It is not fair that some students have high speed internet at home and some do not have access to any internet. They would have to go to the nearest  local library, which is not always convenient. If all students used to have access to books that were used, then all students need to have the tools necessary to learn from e-textbooks. Internet services need to be competitive and offered everywhere. It is the way of the future and I feel that we all need to get involved to make a difference!  Technology improves daily and everyone needs to have that advantage.

Q2: How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

The issue will help my teaching ability if internet access is available to each and every student. They would all have the same advantages, the same resources to do with as they wish. Because technology is improving everyday it is very important that we stay in tune with the changes. The issue would hinder my teaching practices if more people do not get involved and change things and help all people to have equal opportunities to learn. Each student or person needs to have the same access or it is just not fair to the ones who do not. It is obvious that advanced technology is in our near future, we need to get this issue solved.

Q3: What limitations or criticisms of the idea are important to consider?

We do not have complete control of how many people pay attention to policy decisions. We need phone service in rural areas. We also need all communities including low income communities to be able to afford internet services. Therefore; we need them to be competitive which we cannot control completely. We have limitations on the number of people who will willingly get involved to make these changes. Not all people like the advanced technology, they feel that things work well before and do not want to change.



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