How to Get Hesitant Teachers to Use Technology


Part One

There are many wonderful, amazing educators that are hesitant to use technology in their classrooms.  Most teachers that are hesitant are leaders within the school. The article talks about ways to help these educators realize that technology will help them and that it is needed. There are certain things to follow when trying to get teachers to see this.  Do not act as if technology will fix their teaching, but show them that it will help them be moreeffective.  Each teacher may have a different need.  Be aware of their need and have someone who they trust show them how to use the technology for this benefit. Introduce the technology in a time frame that will allow them to have plenty of time to play around with it. Let them use it for personal use, that should definitely help them getacquainted with it. Utilize hardware that is easy for them to understand and never judge them.  Soon they will realize that technology will help them be ever better educators.
Part Two
Q1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why
I feel that we need to incorporate technology into teaching.  I do know that many people are happy with the way they are teaching now and are afraid to change anything.  They feel like it is going well so why make changes.  I agree with the article. The world is changing and we need to keep up with these changes.  One of the changes is technology and I feel that it is necessary in the school system among educators. We need to show educators how it will help them teach their students more effectively.  This needs to be done carefully as stated in the article.
Q2: How will the issue help or hinder student learning?
Technology will definitely help student learning. The Internet can be used to access all sorts of information.Google earth could help in Science, tutorials could help in math. Spell and grammar check could help in English.  The students could receive information from the teacher via e-mail which would be more efficient and save on paper.  There assignments could be posted and accessed through their computers.  Educators need to learn that technology could enhance the students’ changes of learning.
Q3: What limitations or criticisms of the idea are important to consider?
One limitation that needs to be considered is the availability of computers or Internet access to each and every student.  In the classroom this would not be a problem, each student would have equal access.  When at home some students do not have computers or Internet access.  They may not be able to afford a computer or service.  Some students may live in rural areas and may not get Internet service.  Homework with computer access may not work for those children.  You could not give a homework assignment on a computer if all students did not have equal access.  They would also not have the chance to play around on the computer at home giving them a disadvantage to the students who were able to.

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