Blog #3

School districts must comply with web-filtering requirements, which is sometimes is very hard.  Each school district is different and must decide what to filter and what not to filter.  They often take a lot of time deciding what to block. For the site not to be blocked it must have educational relevance and not expose the students to negative material. Most school districts tend to over-filter sites rather than under-filter sites. Social media such as face book and twitter is the hardest decision of all and you will not make everyone happy.  You also have to choose a web-filtering tool. Portage Public Schools use The Blue Coat Systems It fit their price range and had all of the capabilities that they needed. This particular program would grow as their needs grow. This investment paid off very well, it has done an excellent job for them.

Part Two

Q1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I agree that filtering is school districts is very important! Our children should not be exposed to all of the social media that is available on the Internet.  I am sure that this would be a much discussed topic and even a debate on which sites to block and which sites to allow.  Each school district needs to take into account their age of the students and how the community feels.  Picking a certain web-filtering tool would also be very difficult. They would have to compare their needs to the different programs that were available and choose the best one to fit their needs.

Q2:How will the issue help or hinder your Teaching practice? why?

The issue will definitely help my teaching practice because the students will stay focused on material that has educational value. If a student is allowed to use face book and twitter I am sure that they would be on these sites when they should be on other sites where they could learn.  There would be a lot of unproductive time spent on other sites as well.  Just surfing the web could use up a lot of there classroom time.  Students should not be exposed to inappropriate sites.  This would leave a lot of time for students to learn the information needed instead of being tempted with the social media.

Q3: What limitations or criticisms of the idea are important to consider?

Each and every person has their opinion on what might be appropriate and what would be inappropriate.  Also, What has relevant educational value could be debatable. Not every person is going to agree on these things so a compromise would be necessary! Choosing which web-filtering tool to use in the school district would also be hard decision. Ultimately people are going to have to discuss all of this openly and then come to a decision together which would be hard.


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