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Why Our After-School Book Club Can’t Wait to Get Its New E-Readers


Part One


Some school districts are trying to get students interested in reading so they are adding e-readers to their book clubs.  There are a lot of students who are not interested in reading and the schools are hoping that e-readers will give students another way to read and that they will become more interested. Students are not lacking books to read but do not seem to enjoy reading. They go home and play video games and use social media on their computers so hopefully this new technology will interest students. The e-readers require instruction and therefore students must learn how to use them before they begin. They require knowledge on how to tell how much of the book they have read, how to highlight passages, and how to increase font size.  They also have to learn to charge them correctly. E-readers are not being used to take the place of books, they are just another way to get students interested in reading. sometimes books are better, there are not a lot of non fiction books that can be used on the e-readers.  They need to choose what method best fits their needs.If a reluctant reader finds that he likes using the e-reader than one more student will be interested in the critical skill of reading.


Part Two


Q1: How will the issue affect your relationship with your students, parents, colleagues, and/or principals?

I feel that that having e-readers will be a positive impact on your relationship with the students, parents, colleagues, and your principal.  If you can engage more students in reading by using the e-readers than everyone will benefit.  Not every student learns the same way and the e-readers will give some students who were not interested in books a chance to learn to love reading. They will be excited to use a more technology based way of reading. Digital media is new to the schools and students will have more opportunities to learn.  If the students are reading then the parents will be happy.  If literacy goes up then colleagues and principals will have something to celebrate.


Q2: What limitations or criticisms of the idea are important to consider?

You definitely have to shift your instruction and if students do not listen they might not learn to use the e-readers efficiently.  They might get bored with them in the same way they get bored with book.  Some students might have access to e-readers at home and others might not, which could cause some problems for the students who do not. They might feel like they want to continue reading at home but are unable to.  Some things need to be worked out in the classrooms before the e-readers are utilized.




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